Sunday, July 22, 2007

On teaching: tips for colleagues

•Listen to students and they will teach you how to teach them.

•Remember and tell your students: No body knows everything, however, every question can be researched and this is their role and, of course, yours.

•If you do not fill in the blanks students will fill in the blanks from their suspicions.

•Play both roles: leader and team player: a leader is a team player.

•Give credit even for little things.

•Remember that kind words can reach further than strong ones even if the situation is frustrating.

•Many times, the weak projects power and arrogance; use counter psychology.

•If an idea is clear to you this does not mean it is necessarily clear to the students.

•Build their self confidence then build their learning strategy. Self confidence is the road to learning, lack of confidence will lead to busy learning!

•Rules should not be written in stone—many times they need to be rewritten—for tomorrow!

•Try different approaches; do not get stuck in the concept: do not fix it if it does not work.

•You will do what you love when you love what you do.

•Involve the weak by asking questions they can answer.